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Citizens United Releases New Cheryl Mills State Dept. Emails

The latest trove of emails from Citizens United shows Mills emailing about inspectors general investigations…

Cheryl Mills Citizens United Emails

Conservative group Citizens United released 371 pages of never-before-seen State Department emails Tuesday. The emails, from Clinton State Department employees, relate to Clinton Foundation business, inspector general investigations, FOIA requests, appointments, and other day-to-day issues.

In Tuesday’s release, acquired via FOIA request and lawsuits, the State Department’s White House Liaison, Heather Samuelson, flagged an inspector general’s investigation for Clinton’s chief of staff, Cheryl Mills. [Note: see Part 3 below]

The subject line of the email, “AID,” led some to speculate the investigation may have been into USAID. Samuelson suggested that Mills “raise [the issue] with Raj if he has not discussed with you already.” The “Raj” mentioned by Samuelson is likely Dr. Rajiv Shah, USAID Administrator. Shah is described as a “Hillary ‘minion’” in a 2011 Daily Beast story.

For this email and others, including mentions of Patrick F. Kennedy, who is embroiled in a potential “quid quo pro” scandal, as revealed by FBI notes, see the Citizens United emails below. And don’t miss NTK Network’s previous coverage of Citizens United email releases from August, September, and earlier in October.

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