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Clinton Campaign Manager Robby Mook Won’t Stop Blaming FBI for Election Loss

Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook blamed FBI Director James Comey yet again for Hillary Clinton’s loss in traditionally Democratic states like Michigan in an appearance on Meet the Press Daily Thursday.

Mook claimed that Clinton campaign numbers had them up by 10 in Michigan, and Todd asked him the last time they saw that type of lead in Michigan.

“Until that Comey letter, we were 9, 10 points up pretty consistently,” Mook responded.

Mook’s claim was curious given that New York Times reporter Jeremy Peters said on Morning Joe that the Clinton campaign stopped polling in key states two weeks before the election. Comey sent his letter to Congress 11 days before the election, within the period that the Clinton campaign halted polling.

Mook later called actions by the FBI and Comey’s letter “not fair,” but said that the election result was “fair.”