Clinton Hits GOP on Town Halls, Forgets Her Camp Staged “Simple Events”

By NTK Staff | 02.23.2017 @7:00am
Clinton Hits GOP on Town Halls, Forgets Her Camp Staged “Simple Events”

Vanquished presidential candidate Hillary Clinton tweeted barbs at the GOP on Wednesday, but didn't mention her campaign held heavily-staged events.

As some members of Congress avoid holding town halls with angry constituents, defeated presidential candidate Hillary Clinton decided to weigh in with a barb on Twitter on Wednesday afternoon:

Clinton, though, started her presidential campaign in 2015 with heavily-staged events. More from Business Insider, in April 2015:

In the first week of her presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton and her team sought to have a “grassroots” effort with a road trip to Iowa, where she focused on small, intimate roundtables with voters.

…Business Insider spoke with most of the attendees, and they explained the high level of secrecy that surrounded the event one of them dubbed “the thrill of a lifetime.” There were warnings about leaks, drives to undisclosed locations, and a campaign staffer who confiscated the guests’ cellphones ahead of the sitdown.

The article went on to quote two attendees who spoke of having to hand over their cell phones. One was upset he couldn’t “call and tell anyone.”

Then there was the issue of kid questioners, which were “either softballs that allow the candidate a chance for a cute interaction or they are just a little bit too on-message to seem authentic.”

Later, in 2016, Clinton drew criticism from reporters for going 275 days without a press conference, preferring staged events over tough questions from reporters.

For these reasons the Twitter critique from Clinton was strange, especially coming from someone not exactly known for transparency.

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