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Clinton’s Comms Director Can’t Say Americans Shouldn’t Be Worried About Clinton Inc.

Following Hillary Clinton’s campaign event with Michelle Obama in Winston-Salem, NC, Clinton’s Communication Director Jennifer Palmieri spoke to MSNBC’s Chris Jansing about the recently leaked memo from longtime Clinton ally Doug Band that outlines the inner workings of “Clinton Inc.”

Palmieri dodged the Jansing’s questions three separate times. Instead of answering the questions directly, Palmieri praised the Clinton Foundation’s work while simultaneously attacking Donald Trump’s foundation and telling Jansing voters don’t care about this issue.

Jansing pressed Palmieri one last time asking, “Do the American people have a right to be concerned about whether or not the Clinton family, the former President, enriched themselves through contacts made through the Clinton Foundation?”

Palmieri again reverted to praising the Clinton Foundation, never saying American people should or shouldn’t be concerned.