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The Clintons Have A North Korea Problem

Yesterday, North Korea conducted its fifth and largest nuclear test.

In 1994, then-President Bill Clinton negotiated the Agreed Framework agreement between the United States and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and called it a “good deal” that would prevent North Korea from obtaining nuclear weapons.

“Our goal is to end the North Korean nuclear program,” Hillary Clinton said during her confirmation hearing, “both the plutonium reprocessing program and the highly enriched uranium program.”

While severing as Secretary of State however, Hillary Clinton “oversaw a hands-off approach to North Korea. Under a policy called strategic patience, the Obama administration refused to offer any new incentives to Pyongyang to induce it to return to nuclear-disarmament talks. The North Koreans were infuriated, and more nuclear and missile tests ensued, along with open hostilities between North and South Korea in 2010.”