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Clinton’s Press Secretary Struggles With Questions About Clinton’s Trust, Throws Campaign Staff Under The Bus

Brian Fallon, Hillary Clinton’s press secretary, was asked about Hillary Clinton’s trust issues during an interview on CNBC Monday afternoon. Fallon admitted that Clinton could at times do a, “better job communicating” during the 90-minute session tonight.

Fallon blamed “untrue allegations” as a major reason for her struggling trust numbers.

CNBC’s Michelle Caruso-Cabrera pressed Fallon on Clinton’s decision not to reveal her pneumonia diagnosis, and how it was a self-inflicted wound that did not help Clinton’s trust issues among American voters.

“That particular instance that you mentioned, that was really a staff miscue. We should have been more up-front and quicker to get information out about the state of her health,” Fallon responded, throwing the campaign staff under the bus. it’s still unclear who exactly knew about Clinton’s pneumonia and who’s call it was not to inform the American public.