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CNBC Fast Food Panel Praises Trump’s Labor Pick Puzder

A CNBC Panel of fast food executives praised President-elect Donald Trump’s pick to head the Department of Labor, Andy Puzder.

“I think everyone [in the restaurant industry] is cautiously optimistic, especially with appointments like Puzder… [Puzder and his background] certainly reflects what the restaurant industry is experiencing as far as a minimum wage is concerned and also all of the regulations we go through in trying to get stores built,” said Steve Sather, CEO of El Pollo Loco.

Russ Bendel, the CEO of Habit Restaurants agreed, saying, “I think having someone like Andy as an advocate for not only restaurants but also small businesses is a good thing.”

Denny Marie Post, Red Robin CEO, added that the restaurant business would just like to see “simplification.” Post and Bendel also criticized Obamacare.

“I think the challenge with Obamacare is just the sheer cost of healthcare… [It] has risen so much higher than inflation,” Bendel said.
Post added that Obamacare’s cost has been hitting consumers the hardest, saying, “That’s really driving some of the concern.”