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CNN Admits Trump on Track to Add 25 Million Jobs

If the president can keep up the economic growth of June, he would exceed that number.

CNN commentators admitted on Friday that President Trump would meet his goal of adding 25 million jobs over the next 10 years – if he could keep up current levels of economic growth.

“Twenty-five million jobs over the next ten years, [CNN commentator] Christine Romans, that’s what the president has promised. Are we on track for that?” CNN host John Berman asked.

“If he can do 222,000 [jobs] every month, yeah,” Romans said. “You need about 208,000 to do that.”

Romans pointed out that some months during the Trump administration had been under that benchmark, but if the president could average 208,000, he would hit his goal.

However, the CNN commentator said it would be tough to hit Trump’s GDP growth objectives.

The U.S. economy added 25 percent more jobs than expected in June.