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CNN Calls Out Chris Murphy for Offering No Evidence to Back Up Trump-Russia Claims

CNN’s Poppy Harlow called out Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) for implying collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian officials without any evidence on New Day Monday.

Discussing President Trump’s poll numbers, Murphy claimed, “Last week, you were getting closer every day to the truth on the connections between the Trump campaign and Russia.”

“Just to be clear, you say, ‘the truth.’ Again, there has been no collusion proved at all between the campaign and the Russian hack,” Harlow said.

“When I say ‘the truth,’ I say that we are learning new things every week,” Murphy said, pointing to the Trump campaign’s denial of changing language in the GOP platform to a more friendly stance toward Russia.

“We now know, in fact, that they directed [the change], that it might have come from Trump himself,” Murphy claimed.

Harlow shot this assertion down immediately, “There is no evidence to show that.”

“You’re making a connection that isn’t proven to be there,” she continued.

Murphy then finally admitted, “I don’t know where the truth is.”