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CNN: Clapper Undercuts His Credibility by Comparing Trump-Russia to Watergate

The former Director of National Intelligence said that Watergate “pales” in comparison to the Trump-Russia investigation.

A panel on CNN criticized former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper on Wednesday for his comments that the Watergate scandal “pales” in comparison to the Trump-Russia investigation.

CNN Counterterrorism Analyst Philip Mudd buried his head in his hands while listening to the comments. Mudd said that he worried that Clapper had undercut his credibility with the comparison.

“What the heck are we talking about here? In Watergate, we had a president resign. We know what happened is a criminal act,” Mudd said. “We know there was a coverup. We know there was wrongdoing up and down the administration of Richard Nixon.”

The former CIA analyst then turned to the Trump-Russia investigation: “We don’t know exactly what happened during the election, whether there was any collusion.”

CNN host Chris Cuomo pointed out that Clapper had previously said there was no evidence of collusion, although the former DNI later qualified that statement. “How do you reconcile [Clapper’s two sets of comments]?” he asked.

The Washington Post’s Abby Phillip agreed.

“[Clapper] made it clear earlier, he wasn’t even aware about certain parts of this investigation. His knowledge of it would have ended on January 20,” Phillip said, questioning Clapper’s comments.