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CNN: Comey is a Creature of Washington Who Knows How to Work the Press

Salena Zito said that both Clinton and Trump supporters don’t like the former FBI Director.

CNN contributor Salena Zito said that during her discussions with Clinton and Trump supporters, they both view former FBI Director James Comey as a “creature of Washington” on Friday. CNN’s John Berman added that Comey has proved he is an adept “creature of Washington.”

“As I talk to people outside of Washington, not just Trump supporters but voters across the board, Comey is at a disadvantage with voters because people that supported Hillary [Clinton] did not like him, and people that supported Trump did not like him,” Zito said.

“So you have people watching all this play out, and they look at Comey…as a creature of Washington, and that, in the court of public opinion, makes nobody look good,” she added.

“Obviously he proved that he is an adept creature of Washington. He knows how to use the press. He knows how to use documents to get what he wants,” Berman interjected.