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CNN Contributor Describes McCain-Trump Feud as “Delicious”

Jeffrey Toobin, a CNN contributor and writer at The New Yorker, described disagreements between Senator John McCain (R-AZ) and President Donald Trump as “delicious” Thursday.

Extracting obvious pleasure from differences among Republicans, Toobin said, “There’s so much history between McCain and Trump, it’s kind of delicious to think about.”

“Just think about the pure crystaline hatred there. It is something that is going to unfold over these four years and it’s going to be fascinating,” Toobin continued.

Toobin, who has been a CNN Senior Legal Analyst since 2002, authored a pre-election treatise hoping for a Hillary Clinton electoral victory and a liberal Supreme Court for decades to come: “There is now a realistic chance that the Supreme Court will become an engine of progressive change rather than an obstacle to it… The hopes for a liberal Court will begin – or, just as certainly, end – with the results on Election Day.”

With so-called “legal analysts” openly celebrating Republican infighting on the airwaves, President Trump’s and Chief Strategist Bannon’s claim that “the media is the opposition party” continues to gain steam.