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CNN Covered A Republican Senator’s Corruption Trial Six Times More Than The Menendez Trial

NewsBusters reported on Wednesday how CNN found time to cover Ted Stevens’ trial but has practically ignored Bob Menendez’s trial.

According to a NewsBusters report, CNN covered the corruption trial of former Republican Senator Ted Stevens six times more than they have covered the corruption trial of Democratic Senator Bob Menendez.

NewsBusters reported:

“Back in 2008, Republican Senator Ted Stevens got plenty of attention from CNN for his own corruption trial. When it came to reporting on Stevens, CNN rarely missed a day, and often updated viewers on the status of the trial multiple times in the same day. In the first three weeks of his trial (Sept. 20, 2008 to Oct. 11, 2008), CNN aired 36 stories about Stevens, compared to only 7 for Menendez in the exact same time period (Sept. 5, 2017 to Sept. 26, 2017) – a six-to-one disparity.”

CNN cannot claim as a defense that it is instead focusing its time on other stories like increased tensions with North Korea, hurricanes, and President Trump’s twitter feed.

NewsBusters points out that CNN found extra time to cover Stevens’ corruption trial, even though it took place during to 2008 presidential campaign and in the midst of a once-in-a-generation financial crisis.

What might be even worse for the network is that Stevens was never accused of “bribery or tit-for-tat,” while Menendez, “is accused of reciprocating with multiple political favors following multiple unreported gifts over the course of a decade.”