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CNN: Democrats Have No Clear Leader Or Message

CNN’s Kate Bolduan blasted Democrats not being any better off than Republicans 200 days into the Trump administration.

CNN’s Kate Bolduan blasted the Democratic Party for not having a clear leader of the party or a clear message 200 days into the President Trump’s presidency during a discussion with Democratic operative Jon Selib on Monday.

“Is there an argument to be made that 200 days in Democrats are in better place? I mean if you look at where Democrats are right now,” Bolduan said.

Bolduan continued, “[Democrats] lost all the special elections you guys all thought you had a chance in. There is no real clear leader of the party … and there’s no real clear message despite the attempt at the reboot.”

Selib told Bolduan that the test for Democrats will be in the upcoming 2018 midterm elections, and Democrats have a lot of time between then and now to get their act together.