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CNN Is Not Happy that Conservative IJR Went On State Department Asia Trip

CNN’s State Department correspondent Michelle Kosinski made her displeasure known at a State Department briefing Wednesday with the Department’s decision to only invite a reporter from Independent Journal Review (IJR) onto Secretary of State Tillerson’s plane to Asia.

Kosinski repeatedly pestered State Department spokesman Mark Toner about the issue.

“I think I’ve answered somewhere in the vicinity of 10 or 15 questions about this,” Toner said at one point.

When Toner moved to a policy issue, Kosinski interrupted him, asking, “Speaking of accountability and transparency, is there a reason we moved away from the subject that we were on so quickly?”

Toner replied, “I feel like we’ve exhausted it.”

One reporter eventually asked Toner, “Could you move on?”

“I’d love to,” Toner said. “We can talk about this offline. This is an exercise in discussing the issues and discussing policies.”

Kosinski interjected over other reporters again, saying, “This is an exercise in transparency.”

Toner made clear that he was being transparent, but Kosiniski expressed her dissatisfaction with Toner’s multiple answers.

Andrew Marantz wrote in The New Yorker that mainstream media outlets had begun to view conservative journalists in briefing rooms as an “existential threat.” (h/t The Daily Caller)

Marantz wrote: “Most of the White House correspondents from these outlets are younger than thirty. ‘At best, they don’t know what they’re doing,’ a radio correspondent told me. ‘At worst, you wonder whether someone is actually feeding them softball questions.'”