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CNN: Kremlin Worried About Nikki Haley And Departure Of Flynn

In an appearance on New Day Wednesday morning, CNN International Correspondent Clarissa Ward said that the White House’s recent moves mean “the honeymoon period appears to be over” between the Trump administration and the Kremlin.

While admitting that the Trump administration had not been tough on Russia to this point, Ward pointed to “concern” in Moscow that Trump’s goodwill will not last.

“We’re hearing the U.S. ambassador to the U.N., Nikki Haley, talking about Russia in very strong terms, raising the question of Crimea,” Ward said. She added: “And then of course we have the resignation of Michael Flynn. He was absolutely seen by the Kremlin as being one of the closest allies that the Kremlin had in the Trump administration.”

Ward reported that given these recent developments, Kremlin officials were worried that “the tide is somehow turning” from a friendly to a firm attitude toward Russia.

Ward warned that deteriorating relations between Moscow and Washington could incite Russia to “lash out.”