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CNN Legal Expert Agrees with the FBI Search Warrant Into Hillary Clinton’s Emails

On Tuesday, the FBI released their search warrant for Hillary Clinton’s emails that triggered a bit of controversy before the election. The warrant drew backlash from Clinton’s campaign and her supporters.

Former campaign spokesman Brian Fallon said on Twitter there “was nothing in search warrant filing to controvert Comey’s statements from July and truly establish probable cause of a crime.”

CNN’s legal expert Jeffrey Toobin disagreed with Fallon’s assessment on Wednesday, saying, ” I don’t think there’s anything so outrageous about the FBI looking at these emails.”

“I don’t see anything wrong with the FBI investigating what was on the computer, given the fact that they had been investigating Mrs. Clinton’s email for the summer. These might have been new emails,” Toobin said.

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota asked Toobin if he disagreed with Fallon that the evidence was flimsy to get a search warrant.

“I don’t know about flimsy. In law enforcement circles, it’s pretty easy to get a search warrant,” Toobin responded.