CNN: Merkel Holding G20 Summit in Hamburg so Germans Can Protest Trump

By NTK Staff | 07.05.2017 @1:37pm

CNN's international reporter said the move was to build up electoral support for the German chancellor.

CNN International Diplomatic Editor Nic Robertson reported on Wednesday that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is holding the G20 summit in Hamburg so that German protesters can get close enough to voice their displeasure with President Donald Trump.

“Angela Merkel has chosen to hold this summit in an environment, in a location, that can be surrounded by protesters,” Robertson said. “It’s not as we see some summits, on a remote hilltop that the whole village or the town around it is secure.”

Robertson said that police and protesters have already clashed ahead of Trump’s visit to Germany.

“Angela Merkel is in a re-election campaign this year,” Robertson said. “The protesters will be able to get close so that, in part, President Trump can hear the voices of dissent here in Germany, here in Europe.”

Trump and Merkel have emerged as representatives of diametrically-opposed worldviews, with Trump leading the nationalist streak sweeping the western world and Merkel holding down the globalist status quo.

This has led to tensions between the two leaders in their meetings. Those tensions are expected to continue.

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