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CNN Mocks Democrats for Accusing Steve Mnuchin of Ethics Violations

A CNN panel on Inside Politics Tuesday mocked Democrats for accusing Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin of an ethics violation after he jokingly told a crowd they should send their children to see a movie that he produced.

At an Axios interview Friday, Mnuchin referenced ethics laws barring him from promoting any productions in which he was involved. Mnuchin then said to laughter, “But you should send all your kids to Lego Batman.”

Host John King said that Democrats accused Mnuchin of an ethics violation, before throwing up his hands and saying, “Come on, now!”

“I think Putin cronies is probably a bit more serious,” Jonathan Martin of The New York Times joked.

“In 2017, is that really going to be the top concern for the American public?” Karen Tumulty of The Washington Post asked.

“I think if we get to the point where people can’t even joke – I mean, he was asked and he was joking,” Tumulty added.

CNN then played clips from the movie, offering free advertising for the film.

“I’m doing Steve Mnuchin a favor here and I’m saying if you haven’t seen the Lego Batman movie,” King said, “go see the Lego Batman movie.”