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CNN Mocks Hillary Clinton for Not Letting Go of 2016

“The Russians cloaked Wisconsin so she couldn’t find it on a map,” John King joked.

A panel on CNN’s Inside Politics on Thursday mocked failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for her Wednesday comments blaming everyone but herself for her electoral loss.

After playing her comments, the panel laughed at her assertions while John King joked, “What do we make of this besides the fact that the 2016 campaign will apparently never end?”

Julie Pace of the Associated Press questioned Clinton’s claim that she inherited “nothing” in terms of data operations from the Democratic National Committee.

The Daily Beast’s Jackie Kucinich said that Clinton in “burning bridges” within the Democratic Party in an attempt to avoid taking responsibility.

As one panelist pointed out that there were in fact problems at the DNC, King interrupted, joking, “You don’t understand. The Russians cloaked Wisconsin so she couldn’t find it on a map and get there to campaign there.”

Naftali Bendavid from The Wall Street Journal concluded the discussion on Clinton by saying that Democrats would prefer if she would just “fade away.”