CNN Mocks Hillary Clinton for Visiting Wisconsin and Michigan on Her Book Tour

By NTK Staff | 09.06.2017 @1:29pm

Clinton famously failed to campaign in the states during the 2016 general election season.

On Inside Politics on Wednesday, CNN’s John King mocked Hillary Clinton for visiting Wisconsin and Michigan on her book tour, as candidate Clinton failed to campaign in those very states during her 2016 campaign for president.

“Is it snarky to raise this question? On her book tour, she’s going to Michigan and Wisconsin, really?” King asked to snickers from his fellow panelists.

“Really? Really?” he asked two more times before laughing.

“I’m not sure how many fans she has out there,” The Wall Street Journal’s Michael Bender said. “Finally, she gets out there and sees some of Trump country,” he added.

“That’s a little mean, but it’s just a fact,” King concluded.

Donald Trump won Wisconsin and Michigan, breaking the Democratic ‘blue wall’ that was supposed to guarantee a Clinton victory.

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