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CNN: Obamacare Has Meant Spiking Premiums and Providers Dropping

CNN’s Poppy Harlow pointed out that ObamaCare has caused premiums across the country to increase drastically and that insurance providers have dropped out of the marketplace during an interview with Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) on Tuesday.

“Here’s the thing: the health care plan as it stands now, Obamacare, has meant spiking premiums across the country. As high as 116 percent in Arizona. It’s also meant that Humana has dropped off. Aetna not only dropped off but called it a ‘death spiral.’ What’s Democrats plan to fix the existing system?” Harlow asked Speier.

“After Obamacare passed, we recognized that it needed to be fine-tuned. There were amendments we were seeking to put in the bill,” Speier replied before blaming Republicans for not getting those amendments into the bill.

Harlow also informed Speier that she knew people that would elect to opt out of health insurance because of the cost, something they would be allowed to do under the Republican plan.