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CNN Panel: Anti-Trump Protests Could Backfire for Democrats

A CNN panel Thursday said that anti-Trump protests could backfire and hurt Democrats in the long run.

Conservative writer at The Federalist, Mary Katharine Ham, pointed out, “In the cases of somewhere like Wisconsin, an enviornement of constant protest over many, many years got you Governor Walker and another term and a red Wisconsin in a presidential election.”

Ham said that Democrats should ask if “the protests, the attention, and the memes and all the things that have worked in the past are not working right now.”

Lisa Lerer of the Associated Press also mentioned that some Democrats believed that anti-Trump “protests could go badly for them, particularly if they get taken over by like WTO anarchist elements, they start becoming violent.”

However, an increasing disatisfaction with results in Washington could fuel anger, leading to the problems Lerer identified.

“The left’s base is running into this bladesaw of demoralization because every single one of [Trump’s] things is going to get through,” Ham said.