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CNN Panel: Democrat Party Needs Better Candidates or It’s in Trouble

An Inside Politics panel Sunday morning discussed the divisions confronting the Democratic Party following the DNC Chair election and the challenges facing the party as it moves toward midterm elections.

Host John King laid out one of the Democrats’ main problems: “They need to find good candidates. They’ve been swamped. There’s 36 governors’ races next year. They’ve been swamped in state legislative seats over the last 8 years. They need to find better candidates.”

“They need to align the progressive base, get everybody on board, but they also need to find a message about jobs,” said Margaret Talev of Bloomberg Politics. “If Democrats can’t figure out how to message that to middle America, they’re in trouble.”

Abby Phillip of The Washington Post pointed out that the first test of the Democratic Party’s ability to successfully unify and oppose Trump’s agenda would come in the 2018 midterms. “Control of Congress really matters in an enviornment when you don’t have the White House.”