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CNN Panel: Obama’s Final Press Conference Reveals Democrat Trouble

On Friday, President Barack Obama held his last press conference before leaving office in January. During his meeting with the press, Obama looked back at the 2016 presidential election and attempted to explain why his popularity wasn’t able to transfer to other Democrats:

“How do we make sure that we are showing up in places where I think Democratic policies are needed, where they are helping, where they are making a difference, but where people feel as if they’re not being heard and where Democrats are characterized as coastal, liberal, latte-sipping, politically-correct, out-of-touch folks. We have to be in those communities. And I’ve seen that when we are in those communities, it makes a difference. That’s how I became President.”

The New York Times’ Jonathan Martain correctly pointed out, “That’s the second time John since the election that he has gone on an extended tangent that is so clearly an indictment of Hillary’s campaign.”

Martin continued, “By the way, I saw Tim Kaine, I think last week it was. And I talked to him, and he said something very similar to me which was in Virginia, in my state, what we do in our campaigns there, unlike this past campaign, is even the counties we know we’re going to lose, we go there. Why? Because of the margins. Because losing a county 60-40 is a lot different than losing there 80-20.”

John King pointed out how President Obama won two massive electoral landslides but was unable to transfer that popularity to other Democrats running for office.

“Hillary Clinton did not show up in places where she should have showed up,” AP’s Julie Pace pointed out.

The Washington Post’s Dan Balz had an issue with what Obama said, “But the truth is the policies he’s pursued have not been aimed at the people he’s talking about there. They have been aimed at those sort of coastal liberals or the rising electorate.”