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CNN Panel Praises Trump’s SecDef Pick Gen. James Mattis

“Reassuring” and “a validation” is how panelists on CNN’s New Day described President-elect Donald Trump’s selection of retired General James Mattis for Secretary of Defense. This praise came a day after Trump and Mattis appeared together in North Carolina to formally announce the pick.

Mattis, who requires a waiver from Congress before he can be confirmed as Secretary of Defense, is a retired Marine general. Federal law mandates that military personnel wait seven years from the end of their military career before they assume the role of Secretary of Defense, but CNN panelist and New York Times reporter Alex Burns said that it is “very, very likely” that Mattis would be granted a waiver by Congress and that it would probably be done “in short order.”

CNN Political Director David Chalian said that the Mattis pick was “well-received across the aisle” and that Trump was “really proud of this pick.” Burns then called Mattis “the most reassuring person for people across the spectrum that Trump has put up.”