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CNN Panel Weighs In on the Clinton-Putin Feud

Some said President Obama was right not to intervene more in the election, while others laid blame on the DNC for the hacks.

John King introduced his next segment by playing audio of Hillary Clinton from a recent “thank you” event to donors. In the clip, Clinton claimed Vladimir Putin directed hacks against her allies because he has a “personal beef” against her.

King then discussed the tension between the White House and Team Clinton.

Julie Pace noted that the Clinton campaign is “airing” their frustrations in the wake of a shocking election loss. Pace added, though, that she believes the president “made the right decision as president” in not publicly weighing in on Russian hacking before the election.

CNN’s Sara Murray seemed to lay blame at the feet of the DNC, suggesting they did not heed warnings from federal officials about Russian attempts to hack them.