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CNN Panel: WikiLeaks Documents Confirm ‘Worst Fears’ About Hillary Clinton

CNN’s Inside Politics panel discussed what the recent WikiLeaks documents meant for Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Politico’s Glenn Thrush said, “The most damaging thing I thought she said, just in terms of a sound bite if Trump were doing commercials, was this notion that she could say things in private as a politician and then things publicly and have them been different. That confirms people’s worst fears about Hillary Clinton.”

While CNN’s Maeve Reston said these documents played into Clinton’s trust issues, “They just simply feel that they can’t trust her because they think she says whatever she thinks would suit each audience.”

“And those progressives, the ‘Bernie or Bust-ers’ who are either going to sit this out or go for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson, this doesn’t help her with those folks and those millennial voters who … going back to 2008 didn’t really trust her, didn’t trust her in this election and have been tailing off in terms of their support,” Nia-Malika Henderson said of the WikiLeaks documents.