CNN Report: Qatar Agreed to Not Fund Extreme Groups, Antagonist Media

By NTK Staff | 07.11.2017 @12:23pm
CNN Report: Qatar Agreed to Not Fund Extreme Groups, Antagonist Media

A report from CNN could be damning for Qatar, as it tries to stop a unified diplomatic blockade.

Qatar may have violated two agreements it signed with Middle Eastern nations, according to reporting from CNN.

The report, from Jim Sciutto and Jeremy Herb, sheds new light on the diplomatic row between Qatar and four nations. Qatar has doubled down on its defiance of a compromise in recent days.


The first agreement, written in 2013 and obtained by CNN, outlines commitments on supporting “deviant” groups.

Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait agreed “to avoid any interference in the internal affairs of other Gulf nations, including barring financial or political support to ‘deviant’ groups, which is used to describe anti-government activist groups.”

Saudi Arabia and allies now accuse Qatar of breaching the agreement with its alleged support of the Muslim Brotherhood.


The second agreement, written in 2014, concerns support for Egypt.

From CNN:

A second agreement headlined “top secret” and dated November 16, 2014, adds the King of Bahrain, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and the Prime Minister of the UAE. It specifically mentions the signatories’ commitment to support Egypt’s stability, including preventing Al Jazeera from being used as a platform for groups or figures challenging the Egyptian government.

The agreements provided to CNN provide important context to the diplomatic row between Qatar and other Middle Eastern nations, and seem to provide more solid evidence that Qatar is breaching its terms with its allies.

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