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CNN: Trump Administration Had Case to Make on Media Hypocrisy

CNN’s Chris Cuomo made the argument on New Day Friday that the White House “had a case to make” on the media’s hypocrisy regarding the issues of alleged wiretapping at Trump Tower and Russian collusion with the Trump campaign.

Cuomo said that Spicer should have made the following argument: “Yes, I’ve heard all these people say there hasn’t been any proof yet, but they’re still looking. Why is that unacceptable for you, media, on this about whether or not there was wiretapping, but not on the Russia questions?”

“Time and again people have said there’s been no collusion proof,” Cuomo said. “On that one, there’s no proof but you’re letting them look, you’re giving them time.”

“But [with the wiretapping] you’re patient, [with the Russian questions] you’re impatient,” Cuomo continued.

CNN media analyst Bill Carter said that Spicer had attempted to make a variation of that argument throughout his Thursday press briefing.