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CNN: WH Informed of Flynn’s Russia Ties AFTER Pence’s Defense of Flynn

Discussing Vice President Mike Pence’s January defense of ousted National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, a CNN panel made clear that Pence had defended Flynn before Acting Attorney General Sally Yates had advised the White House on Flynn’s Russia connections.

“The conversation that happened between Sally Yates, the acting Attorney General, based on our reporting, was at the end of January, which came after the vice president went on television to make the misstatement about Mike Flynn,” said Philip Rucker, White House Bureau Chief for The Washington Post.

In the wake of Flynn’s resignation and the revelations that Sally Yates had informed the White House of Flynn’s Russia connections, questions arose about the Trump administration’s handling of Flynn’s status.

Host Alisyn Camerota laid out the timeline: “[Pence] unequivocally on January 15th … went on and … said, ‘No, [Flynn and the Russian ambassador] did not discuss sanctions’ … At the end of January, two weeks ago, that’s when Sally Yates went and disclosed what she knew.”

“That’s important. That’s a good fact,” co-host Chris Cuomo said.