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CNN’s Cillizza: “Average” People Don’t Understand the Russia Investigation

CNN’s Chris Cillizza thinks the Russia investigation is too big for “average” people to comprehend.

CNN’s Chris Cillizza said on New Day on Friday that the “average person” doesn’t understand the Russia investigation.

Cillizza said that President Trump’s strategy of saying that investigators, Democrats, and the media are trying to steal the election victory with the investigation is “politically smart,” but intellectually dishonest.

“The Russia investigation for the average person is this amorphous thing out there,” Cillizza said. “They don’t really know exactly what’s going on.”

He said that people suspected Trump of being “dishonest” but they are “not sure.”

Yesterday, Cillizza, whose job it is to report on such topics, spent the day compiling “A Trumpian slogan for all 50 states” from his Twitter followers.