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CNN’s Cuomo: Calling Journalism ‘Fake News’ Is the Same As Calling a Black Person the ‘N-Word’

The CNN host compared the charge of false journalism to the use of an ethnic slur. He later apologized.

Chris Cuomo, the host of CNN’s New Day, said on Michael Smerconish’s radio show Thursday that the charge of “fake news” to a journalist was the same as calling a black person the “n-word.”

“I see being called ‘fake news’ as the equivalent of the ‘n-word’ for journalists,” Cuomo said.

“It’s the equivalent of calling an Italian any of the ugly words that people have for that ethnicity,” Cuomo continued. “That’s what ‘fake news’ is to a journalist. It is an ugly insult.”

Cuomo has a history of flippantly comparing issues to racism, like in December when he compared President Trump’s EPA pick to segregationists.