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CNN’s Jim Acosta Hasn’t Stopped Tweeting About the Statue of Liberty

The CNN correspondent is not hiding his displeasure with President Trump’s new immigration policy.

CNN White House Correspondent Jim Acosta hasn’t stopped tweeting about the importance of the Statue of Liberty since his battle with Senior White House Adviser Stephen Miller at a press briefing on Wednesday.

First, Acosta quoted the poem at the feet of the New York landmark in a 5 tweet series:

Then, Wednesday night, he argued against conservatives on Twitter, while quoting Ronald Reagan, and admitting that the United States has “always regulated immigration.”

Acosta continued his quest this morning, tweeting pictures of immigrants arriving in the United States, along with more Reagan quotes.

And Acosta’s currently “pinned” tweet is the most famous quote from the poem at the statue’s base.

The supposedly fair-minded journalist seemed miffed after Trump announced support for legislation that would reform the current immigration system to benefit the American worker. According to other journalists who had opposed Trump’s travel ban, the president enjoys broad powers to regulate immigration, implying an act of Congress could go even further.