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Condoleezza Rice: I Don’t Need Somebody to Tell Me What it Means to be Black

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice addressed attacks against her ethnicity telling GOLF Channel’s David Feherty, “I don’t need somebody to tell me what it means to be black” during an interview Monday night.

Feherty was asking Condoleezza Rice about controversial statements that the former-NAACP President Julian Bond made regarding her African-American heritage.

“With all due respect to the late Julian Bond, for whom I had enormous respect, I don’t need somebody to tell me what it means to be black. I really don’t,” Rice told Feherty.

“I actually think it’s the height of prejudice to assume that you know what people think because of their color and that you have the right to design their lives for them and to tell them what they will think or do. That’s the height of prejudice and the height of hubris, really.”