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Condoleezza Rice: What’s Going on in Russia is Sad, But Future is Bright

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said that what is happening in Russia right now is sad but expressed optimism that the situation will eventually change during an interview on the GOLF Channel’s “Feherty” Monday night.

Host David Feherty asked Rice what she thought about current events in Russia, given her background as an expert on Russian history.

“I see something very sad, actually. The Russians are among the world’s most educated, intellectual, creative people. I mean, this is the country of Pushkin and Tchaikovsky,” Rice told Feherty.

“And yet ,they’ve had the worst politics for 300 years of probably any people on Earth,” she added. “And right now, their experiment with democracy after the collapse of the Soviet Union has been reversed, and we’re looking at an authoritarian regime under Vladimir Putin that has systematically taken away the rights that we enjoy.”

“But I keep thinking that this isn’t the future of Russia,” Rice concluded. “Sooner or later, they are going to be a people who will insist on their fundamental freedoms.”