Congressman: I’m ‘Disgusted, Embarrassed’ by Frederica Wilson’s Comments

By NTK Staff | 10.20.2017 @11:18am

Rep. Scott Taylor (R-VA), a former Navy SEAL, slammed the congresswoman for taking advantage of the feud.

Rep. Scott Taylor (R-VA), a former Navy SEAL, told CNN’s Chris Cuomo that he was “disgusted” and “embarrassed” by Rep. Frederica Wilson’s (D-FL) politicization of a phone call from President Trump to a Gold Star family in an appearance on CNN Friday.

“The notion that the President of the United States was calling a family with any intent to be callous or anything like that is ridiculous,” Taylor said. “It’s offensive, too.”

The congressman expressed concern for the Gold Star family’s well being. “I wish that I could protect this family. I wish that they were protected by this congresswoman,” he said.

“I listened to her interview, and I’m embarrassed quite frankly. I’m completely embarrassed by the behavior,” the former Navy SEAL added.

Taylor then slammed Wilson for her many television appearances, saying it “disgusted” him.

Wilson on Thursday declared herself a “rock star” as a result of the feud.

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