Conservative Press on Trump, Jr. Email Release: “Disaster”

By NTK Staff | 07.11.2017 @3:24pm
Conservative Press on Trump, Jr. Email Release: “Disaster”

Even conservative outlets seemed puzzled – or bewildered – by Donald Trump, Jr.'s disclosure of explosive contacts with a Russian lawyer.

Donald Trump, Jr.’s disclosure of emails between him and a publicist with links to a Russian lawyer lost even conservative media on Tuesday.

The eldest son of President Donald Trump tweeted a full email chain between him and Rob Goldstone, who was speaking on behalf of a man with “a very highly respected company in Moscow.”

The emails, especially “page 4,” appear to show Trump, Jr. responding with enthusiasm to information from “Russia and its government” designed to hurt Hillary Clinton.

Conservative media, which at times have stood behind the Trump family as they weathered controversies, seemed bewildered on Tuesday.

The evidence? Just a few headlines:

  • The Daily Caller: Emails Show Trump Jr. Knew Information May Have Come From Russian Government
  • Hot Air: Disaster: Trump Jr Releases E-Mail Chain With Explicit References To “Russian Government Attorney”
  • IJR: Trump Jr. Cleverly Reveals He Thought He Was Meeting ‘Russian Government Attorney’

The news that shook up Washington on Thursday clearly shook up the conservative media world as well.

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