Conservative Revolution Brewing in Missouri?

By NTK Staff | 03.30.2017 @10:11am
Conservative Revolution Brewing in Missouri?

Legal reform measures passed by the legislature and signed by the governor could herald a new era of conservatism in the Show Me State.

Newly elected Missouri Governor Eric Greitens signed a tort reform bill into law this week that could herald a new era of conservatism in the state. The state is adopting a new standard, known as the Daubert standard, to “determine expert witness testimony in court cases,” according to the Missouri Times. 

Currently, 39 other states as well as the federal government use the Daubert standard to determine suitable expert witness testimony in court cases. The Daubert standard concerns itself more with the scientific information and solid methodology of an expert witness’ testimony than just a “generally accepted” idea within the scientific community. The Supreme Court ruled in 1993 that the Frye standard had been superseded.

What does it all mean? Greitens said the bill promises to deliver “more jobs with higher pay.”

“In Missouri, our businesses and companies have been held back,” Greitens said at the signing. “When crooked trial lawyers bring in shady witnesses who act as experts while peddling junk science, it makes it harder for justice to be done. That scares away businesses… Businesses who have customers here and could make money here have been afraid to expand here.”

Currently, Missouri’s legislature is led by a Republican majority. The state said goodbye to its two-term Democratic governor in 2016, and has not voted for a Democratic presidential candidate in more than 20 years.

If Greitens is able to make good on his campaign promises, Missouri could be on the path to a conservative revolution.

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