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Could Elon Musk’s ‘Hyperloop’ Be Included in Trump’s $1T Infrastructure Plan?

The president has “expressed interest” in the project, which would rapidly transport passengers in pods via low-pressure tubes

Trump Infrastructure Hyperloop

Move over, George Jetson. President Donald Trump is laying the groundwork for a massive, $1 trillion infrastructure plan intended to improve America’s roads, bridges, and general way of life, while creating thousands of jobs.

Included in that plan could be “Hyperloop,” the brainchild of Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk. The idea? It’s a transportation system that would “rapidly transport passengers in pods through low-pressure tubes.”

If this all sounds like something from an episode of “The Jetsons,” that’s because it is.

Though it’s still in development, a public test run “will occur sometime in the first half of this year.”

It’s all part of Trump’s vision for America to “dream big,” a notion mentioned in both his inaugural address in January and his address to a joint session of Congress last month.

But also included in Trump’s infrastructure plan will be much-needed improvements to America’s crumbling roads, bridges, ports, and airports.

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) released their four-year infrastructure report card on Thursday. The group gave the U.S. national infrastructure system a D+, and breaks down specific grades into 16 categories, including aviation, energy, ports, rail, and schools.

Trump’s plan would be “financed through public and private capital,” according to the Wall Street Journal. It’s an issue that might find bipartisan agreement – infrastructure spending has long been a pet issue for Democrats.

During the presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton announced a $275 billion infrastructure plan that she touted as “the biggest infrastructure investment since Dwight Eisenhower’s Interstate Highway System.” Trump’s plan would be nearly four times the investment of Clinton’s.