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Crowd at DNC ‘Unity Tour’ Boos Tom Perez… Again

The Democratic National Committee’s “Unity Tour,” couldn’t be off to a worse start. At the event in Miami, things got worse when the crowd again booed DNC Chair Tom Perez when Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) mentioned his name.

This is the second time during the so-called “Unity Tour” that Perez’s name has been booed. The other occurred at an event in Portland, ME, on Monday.

The highly touted “Unity Tour,” featuring Sanders and Perez, was supposed to show the nation that the Democratic Party had overcome the controversies that plagued the party during the 2016 presidential primary and was finally united.

However, the tour has only shown how deeply divided the Democratic Party still is.

Since the DNC announced the “Unity Tour,” it has been plagued by a slew of bad headlines about how the party is still not united. If the calculus was that the rallies featuring Perez and Sanders would change that narrative, they were mistaken as Perez has been greeted by contemptuous boos at several stops.