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Crowd Laughs When Virginia Dem Says ObamaCare Has Made Health Care More Affordable

On Wednesday, LuAnn Bennett and Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-VA) squared off in a debate the two are locked in a tight race to represent Virginia 10th congressional district.

“For the last fifty years, both parties have agreed we have a health care crisis. By 2005 we had 47 million uninsured Americans, and health care costs had grown to 16 percent of our GDP. The Affordable Care Act has made healthcare more affordable,” Bennett told the audience.

The crowd burst out in laughter at Bennett’s claim that ObamaCare had made healthcare more affordable.

The crowd is probably laughing because of Bennett’s claim is hard to back up. According to the Associated Press, “in Virginia, a state that reports early, nine insurers returning to the HealthCare.gov marketplace are seeking average premium increases that range from 9.4 percent to 37.1 percent.”

Humana, one of the nation’s largest insurance providers, is pulling out of the Virginia in 2017.

Even Chelsea Clinton admits that the Affordable Care Act isn’t affordable for many Americans.