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Cuban Dissident Plays Star-Spangled Banner at Trump Speech

The violinist, Luis Haza, had been forced by Castro’s soldiers to play the song following his father’s execution by the regime.

At an event where President Trump rolled back Obama-era Cuba policies on Friday, the president brought out Luis Haza, a world-renowned violinist, to play the Star-Spangled Banner.

Trump told Haza’s story earlier in his speech. As a child, Haza learned to play the violin. Following the execution of his father by the Castro regime, Castro’s troops forced Haza to play the violin for them. Haza chose to play the American national anthem for the soldiers.

“Today, he will once again play his violin and fill the hearts of all who cherish Cuba, the United States, and freedom,” Trump said as he introduced the violinist and conductor.

As Haza completed the national anthem, the crowd erupted in a chant of “U-S-A!”