D-List Celebrity Kathy Griffin Holds Up Trump’s Severed Head in Photo Shoot

By NTK Staff | 05.30.2017 @3:21pm

Griffin is only the latest of Hollywood celebrities to imply violence against the president.

Kathy Griffin, a ‘comedian’ and New Year’s Eve CNN co-host, has done a photo shoot in which she holds up President Trump’s severed head, TMZ reports.

A video of the photo shoot shows Griffin high-fiving the photographer, telling him, “We have to move to Mexico today, because we’re going to go to prison, federal prison.”

“We’re not surviving this,” she said.

The severed Trump head had blood dripping from its face as Griffin held it by the hair, close to her own face.

Celebrity threats against President Trump are nothing new.

At the Women’s March in January, Madonna said that she had thought about “blowing up the White House” since Trump’s election.

Sarah Silverman called for a military coup on Twitter in February.

Snoop Dogg released a video in March in which the rapper executes a clown-face Trump with a prank gun.

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