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‘The Daily Show’ Doesn’t Include Bill Clinton Saying ‘I Faint A Lot Too’ On Their YouTube Channel

Last night, former President Bill Clinton appeared on ‘The Daily Show With Trevor Noah,’ and some of the topics they discussed included Hillary Clinton’s health and the Clinton Global Initiative.

Bill Clinton told Noah that he didn’t understand what the big deal was about Hillary Clinton having pneumonia and fainting. With regards to fainting, Bill Clinton said that “It happens a lot to me, and 90% of the time it’s just people are dehydrated.”

Noah then proceeds to ask Bill Clinton why this will be the final Clinton Global Initiative.

Clinton used this opportunity to explain a couple of things, “Well, first of all, the question you asked of me gives me a chance to clarify something. Unless one of the partners at CGI asks my foundation, which is separate from the global initiative, to work with them, I just go there and try to raise money and resources for other people,” Clinton told Noah. But if “Hillary becomes president that has to be totally arm’s length,” he said.

However, you would not know that Noah asked these questions if you relied solely upon the Daily Show’s YouTube channel to watch Bill Clinton’s interview.

The Daily Show only posted the second half of Bill Clinton’s interview, which does not include Bill admitting he faints a lot or talking about the Clinton Foundation.

This is the interview ‘The Daily Show’ wants you to the see, it mostly Bill Clinton bashing the Republican Party and talking about his presidency:

The Daily Show is well-known for editing their material, but this might be an attempt by The Daily Show’ to control the content their audience receives on social media when it comes to more liberal guests. It’s doubtful that the Clintons want it out there that Bill Clinton faints a lot, too.