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Damon Goes On Kimmel After Responding To Reports That He Helped Kill The Weinstein Story In 2004

Hollywood superstar Matt Damon was all laughs Wednesday night despite allegations that he helped kill the Weinstein story in 2004.

During an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Tuesday, Matt Damon didn’t appear too bothered by allegations that he helped kill a New York Times story in 2004 that would have brought to light the fact that Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein was a serial sexual harasser.

ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel, who has been a vocal critic of President Trump, was interviewing Chris Hemsworth about his upcoming movie, “Thor: Ragnarok.”

During the interview, Damon repeatedly interrupted the interview playing on a longstanding joke feud between Kimmel and Damon.

Earlier in the day, Damon spoke with Deadline Hollywood about allegations that he helped to kill a 2004 New York Times story about Weinstein’s sexual improprieties.

Damon disputed his involvement in killing the story.

“My recollection was that it was about a one minute phone call. Harvey had called me and said, they’re writing a story about Fabrizio, who I knew from ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley.’ He has organized our premiere in Italy, and so I knew him in a professional capacity and I’d had dinner at his house,” Damon told Deadline Hollywood.

“Harvey said, Sharon Waxman is writing a story about Fabrizio and it’s really negative. Can you just call and tell her what your experience with Fabrizio was?” Damon explained. “So I did, and that’s what I said to her. It didn’t even make the piece that she wrote.”

Damon went on to tell Deadline Hollywood that he had never witnessed Weinstein sexually harassing anyone during any of the movies they worked on together.