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David Axelrod: Not Unusual for Presidents to Change Positions While in Office

Former Senior Advisor to President Obama David Axelrod said on CNN Thursday that “every president” has changed positions from the campaign to governing and that President Trump’s policy shifts were not surprising in and of themselves.

“In some ways, this isn’t unusual,” Axelrod said. “Every president changes some positions when he takes office because the reality of governing is different than the reality of campaigning.”

Axelrod pointed out examples of recent presidents shifting: “George W. Bush campaigned against nation-building and once the nation was attacked, he ended up sending troops into Iraq. President Obama campaigned against the health care mandate. Once he became president, he discovered that without a mandate it would be very hard to cover people with pre-existing conditions.”

However, Axelrod called Trump’s changes “flagrant.” He cited dramatic shifts on the role of NATO and U.S.-China relations.

“In Donald Trump’s world, inconsistency is not a sin,” Axelrod said. “But losing is.”