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David Gregory Calls Out Obama Admin Over Claim of Removing “100 percent” of Syrian Chemical Weapons

CNN contributor David Gregory called out the former State Department Spokesman under President Obama, John Kirby, for the Obama administration’s false claim that they had removed “100 percent” of chemical weapons from Syria.

“There’s lots of tough questions that have to be answered, including from the prior administration,” Gregory said. “I thought those chemical weapons were gone.”

Gregory directed questions at Kirby: “What happened to those? How are they still there? Is that all on Russia or did the previous administration get duped too?”

“We knew that we got the vast majority of the declared stockpiles out,” Kirby said. “We couldn’t guarantee that there weren’t undeclared stockpiles still in the country.”

“We were careful at the time not to say that we knew that we got every single stockpile of every single chemical weapon out of Syria,” Kirby said.

Kirby added that the Obama administration’s inability to remove 100 percent of chemical weapons led to “disastorous effect.”

Secretary of State John Kerry claimed in 2014 that the United States had “got 100 percent of the chemical weapons out” of Syria.