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DC’s ‘A Day Without a Woman’ Protest is Being Led By a Man

Washington DC’s “A Day Without a Woman” protest is being led by a man Wednesday morning.

In footage exclusively obtained by NTK Network, a male protester is seen getting the protest started off by announcing march instructions, followed by leading the group in chants.

“We want to let you all know why we’re here,” the man began. “We’re here to be intersectional, we’re here to value women, we’re here to value trans people, and we’re here to make sure that President Trump hears us loud and clear, that he is wrong,” the male protester shouted into a microphone.

“We have to stop him,” he continued. “We have to speak loudly. Intersectionality is important. So what part of that means is that people with limited mobility will lead the pace in the march.”

The male protester then lead the other protesters in chants that the group would be using that day.

“A Day Without a Woman,” a national strike that coincides with International Women’s Day, is an event in which woman from across the country intend to protest President Trump’s administration by not going to work or spending money.