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Delusional Clinton Supporters Still Holding Out

CNN’s New Day aired a focus group session with former Hillary Clinton supporters Friday morning. New Day co-host Alisyn Camerota asked the group if they were still holding out hope that Hillary Clinton could somehow still win the White House.

“I’m hoping that somebody up there is looking down and saying, ‘you know what, this is a law and you can’t break that law…conflict of interest,’” one volunteer for the Clinton campaign said. “I’m holding out hope that maybe five, six, or seven of the Republican electors will change their minds,” she continued, unaware that Clinton would need at least 36 other electors to change their minds.

Carol Evans, co-founder of Executive Women for Hillary, bitterly pointed out that Clinton was 2.8 million votes up in the popular vote. “I don’t call it the popular vote. I call it ‘the vote.’ There’s an Electoral College vote. You can call that the ‘other vote.’”

Jacob Schwartz, President of the Manhattan Young Democrats called out his fellow participants on their criticism of the Electoral College, saying it “doesn’t speak at all to why the Democrats didn’t win Pennsylvania specifically.”

“Did you feel the urge to tell them to shut up, it’s over, get on with it?” Cuomo asked Camerota after the segment.

Camerota said that the group “worked our way around to, ‘let’s all just accept reality folks.’ And what is your plan?” Cuomo mocked this idea, saying, “Their plan is to be upset.”